"If You Wanna Get Your Fish On! You Gotta Tie Our Jigs On!"

Please allow 1 week for delivery.  Your order is custom made when order is received. This allows High Quality at a Low price.

All Jig Skirts are wire tied. no rubber bands to dry rot or slip down jig in heavy cover....

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GVH Pro series Finesse Football Jig

Custom Football Jig Built around a 1x mustad 3/0 hook with metal keeper, keeps the trailer where it should be no more trailers sliding down the hook. Endless trailer options with the wire keeper

Skirt is wired tied finesse skirt material half the thickness of standard skirting material to produce quality bites for those finicky bass when the standard football jigs aren't doing the trick.

This is the jig that boated over 50#s of bass for Glenn Van Hoesen and his co angler. 

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